First Annual CWU Elley Awards Video Contest Seeks Entries

ELLENSBURG, Wash. — YouTube’s popularity combined with today’s simplified home video-making technology has created a new culture in filmmaking never before seen. Everyday people are creating videos — from short pieces to full-length features, and broadcasting themselves to millions of viewers.

Central Washington University wants to tap into some of that talent. To do so, its started the Elley Awards — a video-making and production competition with multiple categories. Those interested in entering need to do so by May 1 and must be a Kittitas County resident.

“We want to show off the local talent and create a video community. The Elley Awards seemed like a good way to do that,” says Rick Spencer, an electronic media producer for CWU. “We’d also like to air videos made by students, in particular.”

The contest’s categories include comedy or sketch, funniest or most amazing home video, music video, creative editing, news, news feature or documentary, sports, special effects or animation, best videography, original idea, and public service announcements, commercials or promotions.

“All the winners and nominees will get a chance to be aired on CWU TV and winners will get an engraved award,” says Spencer. “We’re really determined to make this a yearly contest.”

Those interested in entering need to make sure none of the work, such as any music that may appear in the video, is copywritten. Only non-professional entries will be considered.

“One of the things that inspired the Elley Awards are CWU students. There are so many talented student filmmakers, and we really want to get more student-made content on the air,” says Spencer.

To learn more about the contest or to fill out an entry form, go to and click on Elley Awards. To contact Spencer, e-mail him at or call him at 509-963-1235.

Only entries made between May 1, 2008 and May 1, 2010 will be considered.


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