Student veterans flock to CWU

By Ryan Simms

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ELLENSBURG — Young veterans are looking to transition from life as a soldier, to life as a student.

It’s the turn of a page for James Vogel. After 20 years of military service, he’s back to civilian life, and back to college.

These days, he is in good company.

There are currently 300 student vets at CWU. In the past year, veteran enrollment nearly tripled. As troops arrive home from Iraq, that number will only get larger.

Despite a wealth of skills from their military service, many vets are enrolling in school to stay competitive in the job market.

For help, student vets like Vogel are turning to CWU”s veterans center. It’s helped him get advice on everything from job opportunities to benefits of the G.I. Bill.

Vogel has been home for nine months now. He’s the first to admit readjustment hasn’t been simple. But with each page, normal life is getting a little easier.


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