Second-generation coaches following in winning footsteps | Yakima Herald Sports

By: Scott Spruill
Published: April 29, 2011

YAKIMA, Wash. — Having taken nine teams to the state’s final four, Selah baseball coach Mike Archer has built a program beyond reproach. Except to one uninhibited member of his staff. His father, Bob.

“He has no problem blasting me from time to time,” says Mike, who took over his father’s program in 1996. “When it comes to expressing his opinion, I guarantee he’ll let it fly.”

Dads can get away with that. Especially dads with heavy resumes.

Mike Archer takes it like a good son should, respectfully and with a firm spine. So does Naches Valley’s Bill Walker and so does East Valley’s Jesse Benedetti.
They give it right back, too. And what a grand feeling that is to share.

Selah, East Valley and Naches Valley are poised at the top of their leagues, among the elite in the state baseball poll and geared up for yet another deep postseason run.

And underscoring the records and rankings that bind these powerhouse programs is that Archer, Walker and Benedetti — all teachers educated at Central Washington University — have enormously successful fathers who helped form and direct the lofty accomplishments for their sons. (READ FULL STORY…)


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