The Soprano | The News Star

By: William Caverlee
Published: May 21, 2011

A ULM faculty member and CWU alum sings on the national and international stage.

There’s a well-worn baby-grand piano in Dr. Claire Vangelisti’s office at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. It’s used to accompany voice students during hour-long classes — with Vangelisti herself at the piano and the student standing beside an ordinary metal music stand only a few feet away. The office, although comfortable, isn’t terribly large, especially when you realize that it doubles as a studio. The piano is crammed into one corner, opposite Vangelisti’s desk. Around the room are a sofa, a CD player, an electric teapot for heating water for tea. Nearby are bookcases filled with textbooks and sheet music, file drawers, a green plant or two, computer and printer. Also posters, photographs and framed degrees on the walls—and one narrow window.

Vangelisti is ULM’s Voice Area Coordinator and an assistant professor of music — as well as a professional operatic soprano who performs locally, nationally, and internationally. Born and raised in Seattle, Wash., she received a master’s degree from Central Washington University and a doctorate of musical arts from the University of Texas at Austin. She came to ULM in 2007. (READ FULL STORY…)


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