Raiders give hardworking rookie a chance |

Kelly rumbles into endzone as a player at Central Washington University

By: Erik Olsoy
Published: Aug. 7, 2011

It was late in the fourth quarter of a blowout win for Kamiak High School’s sophomore football team.  I was the starting quarterback, but had just been taken out of the game to give our backup some playing time (this game was his only time at quarterback that year).  On first down, our coach called a simple passing play – quick slants.  Our quarterback took the snap… dropped back… and panicked.  He handed the ball to his running back, Bryson Kelly.
Kelly was looking for someone to block, but found himself holding the ball in a congested backfield on what was supposed to be a passing play.  He looked confused for a split second, then frantically dashed around the right side of the line, smashing through a linebacker’s attempt to tackle him, before dragging  a cornerback and safety on his back for five yards and a first down.  Though he was probably only 160 pounds, Bryson was the heart of the team, and we relied heavily on his “be the hammer, not the nail” running style on offense.  When it came down to football, it didn’t matter if it was practice, it didn’t matter if we were in a close game, didn’t matter if we were up or down by twenty, Bryson was always locked in, ready to go, and ready to prove that he was the toughest guy on the field. (READ MORE…)


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