CWU Student Pays Homage to World War II with Historical Exhibit | CWU Public Affairs

Posted: June 8, 2012

The effect of World War II on Central Washington University students, faculty, administrators, and the cadets is the subject of a new exhibit, No Place Untouched by War, created by senior Kevin Sodano, with assistance from senior Michael Chapman. World War II has always captured the imagination of Sodano, who is a museum studies minor, a history major, and a living history re-enactor of WWII. The exhibit is located on the fourth floor of Barge Hall and will be open Friday afternoon June 8. The exhibit will continue throughout the summer and will be open to the public during normal building hours.

“My interest in WWII began quite a while ago so it was natural that I would want to research Central’s history during the conflict,” said Sodano. “It was great to find so much information and to be able to develop this exhibit.”

The impact of the World War II was profoundly felt, both at home and abroad. For the (then) Central Washington College of Education (CWCE), joining the war effort meant becoming a training ground for cadets of the 314th Army Air Corps detachment.

No Place Untouched by War explores the experiences of the cadets of the 314th Army Air Corps detachment and their time at CWCE, from 1943 until 1944. Using photographs, newsletters, and personal accounts, this exhibit provides a rare glimpse into the lives of young people—both cadets and college students—during WWII.

The exhibit is sponsored by the Department of Anthropology and Museum Studies, the Museum of Culture & Environment, and the CWU President’s Office. Special thanks go to the James E. Brooks Library Archives and Special Collections and the Kittitas County Historical Museum for their support.

For more information, contact Mark Auslander, or 509-963-3209.


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